Self-compassion workshop in Oxford

Participant feedback from the first run of this workshop with Dr Sarah Eagger was excellent, so we are delighted to offer it again in Oxford:

Self-Compassion Workshop, Tuesday 11 February, 12:45 – 16:30

A free workshop for all who work in health and social care in the Thames Valley

Venue: St Anthony of Padua Church Hall, 115 Headley Way, Headington, Oxford OX3 7SS.

Brief details

Having compassion for yourself is no different from having compassion for others. Suffering, failure and imperfection are a shared human experience; do we make enough time and space to acknowledge this in ourselves?

In this workshop we will learn about self-compassion research, explore our own experiences and reflect on our feelings, and share perspectives in small groups.

About the facilitator

Dr Sarah Eagger is a consultant psychiatrist working privately in London and is a certified Mindful Self-compassion teacher.

NB: Parking is limited at the venue, and traffic is very heavy on Headley Way and near the JR hospital. Please use local buses – view your options on

Book now on Eventbrite:

Published by Rhonda Riachi

Consultant in education, health and community work

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