Taking care of each other

If 2020 teaches us anything about health, it must be that we all depend on each other for our wellbeing. Beneath the COVID-19 statistics and epidemiological risks lies human behaviour and the challenge to pull together for the good of the planet, or fall apart into illness, isolation, growing inequality and accelerating climate change.

It has been hard to know what to write on this blog as the situation has changed so quickly from week to week. TVWellNet workshops have been redesigned as online meetings using Zoom, and the materials are available here along with links to other resources. We are looking for offers to present this autumn so do get in touch.

Those of us who provide wellbeing support to staff in health and social care have been very busy finding online ways to work around the COVID restrictions. The difficulty is often about knowing what support will work for whom and when. Is it a listening ear that people need, or a discussion group? Will a live webinar help or are podcasts just as good? Online meditation or an exercise class?

Staff will need different support at different times, so a mix of options will always be needed. The niggling anxiety is that there are those who need support but who can’t or won’t use the technology. There are some great options for physically distanced support in the open air from Oxford Safe Haven or at Lindengate. There is info for walking in the Chilterns and info on the benefits of walking in nature can be found at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare.

However, as the weather turns cooler and stormier our online activities may have to be extended and refreshed. If you have an idea, a need or an offer, let us know so we can work together to help each other.

Published by Rhonda Riachi

Consultant in education, health and community work

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